Month: April 2017

Condé Nast Traveler

April 25, 2017 | “What to Do in Germantown, Nashville’s Hottest Neighborhood”
Now out-of-towners can bed down here too at the newly opened Germantown Inn, a former residence dating back to 1865. Each of the six suites is named after a U.S. president with a Tennessee connection (get the spacious Monroe room upstairs), but you’ll want to drink your freshly brewed Steadfast coffee on the hotel’s roof-deck, which will make many a New Yorker wonder why the hell they still live where they do. You could build a whole itin around the culty restaurants that are within walking distance…And when you’re ready to hit a honky-tonk (we say go around four-ish to avoid the bachelorette parties), Robert’s Western World is less than a ten-minute ride away.

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April 15, 2017 | “Hotels and Resorts for Romance of All Kinds”
Whichever half of a couple books the new Germantown Inn in Nashville’s hip, bungalow-lined neighborhood gets bragging rights for style and location. Each of the six bedrooms in the 1865 home is named after a president, whose collaged portrait within encapsulates the history-with-a-wink décor. Broadway’s honky-tonks and the state capital are a walk away, but the acclaimed restaurants of historic Germantown are even closer. Downy beds and local Steadfast Coffee and pastries served in the courtyard encourage lazy mornings.

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April 2017 | “Music City Trio”
The only hotel in this historic Germantown district, this boutique inn, which opened in December, takes the term presidential suite literally. Each of the six guest rooms is dedicated to a former president, from Thomas Jefferson to James K. Polk, complete with a psychedelic portrait. The hotel subtly pokes fun at the POTUS’s foibles; the Buchanan Suite, for instance, is in the front of the house because the 15th president was known for sneaking out at night.

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